Come try our Short Order Menu for breakfast or lunch!  It's available Tuesday through Sunday, from open till 3pm.


A biscuit is like a scone, but not a scone.  It's not a layered affair for cream and jam, it's flakey and crumbly and made to absorb grease and gravy. :)

We offer our biscuits with our homemade preserves, or

Choose your biscuit - Buttermilk, Beer or Cheese and match it with

B & E Biscuit

B & E Biscuit

Free range scrambled eggs and bacon inside a biscuit with a little of Nana Janet's Apple Butter

Beer Brisket Beer biscuit paired with Morepork BBQs slow smoked brisket, sliced dilled pickles and American mustard. $14
Fried Mac We love mac n' cheese!  We make our normal mac n cheese, bake it, slice it and then deep fry it in a light batter.  It's served with our Jalapeno sweet relish and American mustard. $10
Buttermilk Fried Chicken Southern fried chicken has always been a family favourite here, so we took Nana Janet's recipe and paired it with some of our housemade coleslaw, with ranch dressing and a biscuit.  Free range chicken of course! $14


Yes, you can purchase our biscuits frozen and bake them at home.  Just ask our crew.


All our sandwiches are served on our housemade sweet white bun.

Tony Boloney Our ode' to a deli Muffeletto sandwich.  It' got Danielle's olive salad, melted mozzarella and Swiss, with Italian salami and prosciutto.  A flavour explosion! $12
Chicken Salad Danielle's chicken salad has shredded roast chicken, celery, green onion and sweet pickle, all tossed in her ranch dressing.  $12
Uncle Phil Our Philly Cheesesteak sandwich has Morepork BBQs slow smoked brisket with roasted peppers and onions, and topped with melted mozzarella and Swiss.  $12
Piper Dip This is our version of a French Dip.  Morepork BBQs slow smoked brisket features all the way, with some sliced dill pickles and a side of our beef au jus. $12


 Our menu can be subject to change and availability without notice.