Come see us at our store at 321 K'Rd
Hours- 7-days - Mon-Tues 7am-6pm, -Wed to Sat 7am-8pm Sun 7am-7pm    Ph: 09 390 6147
We have a small dining area where you can sit and enjoy a slice while watching the action in our open kitchen.  We even have an American style breakfast menu.  And remember, we also have donuts from Doornuts our sister company!   
  The Pie Piper slogan is simple -  Pie and Happiness.  And it's true.  Just try a slice and try not to smile. Pie always comes with a story. Pie rarely is just a pie, pie is something to be shared with others.  It turns a dull day into a brilliant one, and creates that special memory at celebrations.  Every pie has a story and we want to share that story with you.
Danielle and Suzanne Butler are an Auckland based mother-daughter team who are introducing Kiwis to American style dessert pies.  Danielle runs the kitchen and Suzanne heads the front of house.  We hand make all our pies from scratch. This means each pie gets our full attention to make it something special just for you. For us, it's about transforming the best ingredients into an extraordinary dessert pie. We have a small and focused menu which changes week-to-week, along with the seasons and our whim. Danielle, Feb 1070, Detroit, MI. USA
Danielle and her Mum, Janet, making pie.  Fountain Valley, California, USA -1972 Our love of pie comes from our family.  Recipes were handed down and shared, along with an appreciation of fresh and fine ingredients.  Danielle learned her pie making and baking skills from her Kiwi Mum, Janet.    Robert, her father, always had a garden and fruit trees, and that produce had to be incorporated into the household somehow.  Janet had to get creative on how to use it all, including preserving anything spare.
 Danielle and her sister, Caroline, in their Dad's garden, Fountain Valley, California, USA- 1973.  Below, Danielle and her Dad and our home grown grapes. In 1976, Danielle and her family moved to New Zealand. It took a while to adjust, but it wasn't long before there was a garden and fruit and nut trees in the backyard.  Although Janet was back home, the ingredients were very different to what was available in California, and she had to change her recipes to suit.  And American pie was a relative unknown to Kiwi family members, so Janet's pies were always a big hit at events. Now that Danielle and Suzanne are making pies, Janet is taking a back seat at family gatherings.  We think it's well served, since Janet has passed the Pie torch on.  Which is what pie is all about. Here at the Pie Piper, we continue our family traditions and our love of fine ingredients.  We use as many New Zealand ingredients as we can.  We make the most of the seasons, and what's available on the local market. And most importantly, we know where our ingredients come from. For example, our pastries are hand-made, with NZ butter from Westport, and NZ flour milled in Otahuhu.  In summer you'll find us making the most of the berry season by picking blueberries in Ngatea and getting blackberries and boysenberries from an orchard on our doorstep in Alfriston.  In winter we make the most of pumpkin from Pukekohe to make Pumpkin Pie varieties.

And the story continues...Danielle is teaching Suzanne the art of pie making.  She's passing on the Pie torch and the love of all things pie. 

As we get bigger so does our team...



Isabeau (Izzy) became our first baker late 2014!   Originally from Arkansas, USA, she has pie baking in her blood as she comes from a long line of bakers.  Her grandmother ran a diner in Arkansas, and even wrote a recipe book.  

We're so lucky to have Izzy in our kitchen.  She's the single force behind our cakes.  Her chocolate cake is amazing and not to be missed.  It'll remind you of everything happy when you take a bite.

Renee (pictured right) is our Market Guru.  She organizes our market stalls and special events.

Renee is also a Marketing Consultant, so she's always willing to share her marketing know how to help us spread the word about pie and happiness!


In February 2017 The Pie Piper team are finally realizing the dream of having a bakery in Auckland Central on historic K'Rd.  Watch our Facebook and Instagram for updates as the build progresses.

We hope we can share our love of pie and create a great memory for you.  #Pie and Happiness